Company Overview

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We are an employee-owned, academe-linked, Filipino engineering consulting company based inside the University of the Philippines Campus in Diliman, Quezon City. We currently have twenty-one (21) shareholders, eleven (11) of which have involvement as Professors or Senior Lecturers with the UP Institute of Civil Engineering and the UP National Engineering Center. As of December 2018, eight (8) Principals have doctorate degrees, and eight (8) have graduate degrees.

The synergy of advanced academic training and professional industry experience has enabled us to undertake more than nine hundred (900) projects, in the past 5 years alone, of various scales across a wide range of civil engineering disciplines, including comprehensive site evaluation studies, traditional services such as building systems design, civil works/land development design and construction management, and specialized services such as modeling and assessment work for coastal environments and slopes. These projects have also brought key and support staff to many locations within the Philippine archipelago.



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The name AMH was derived from the letters AM+MH = AMH. The letters AM stand for Alejandro Melchor (1900-1947), an exemplary engineer, teacher, soldier and statesman. A well-loved teacher of the UP College of Engineering, he later on organized the Corps of Professors of the Philippine Military Academy, and served as cabinet secretary for military affairs of President Osmeña during World War II.

The letters MH stand for Melchor Hall, UP Diliman’s College of Engineering building which upholds high academic standards and social ideals. These three letters remind AMH engineers, staff and shareholders that their consultancy company is named after a great Filipino engineer, and a great institution.


The vision of AMH is to be an engineering consulting company that Filipinos can be proud of.

As an academe- and industry-linked engineering consultancy company, we are committed to:
• Provide our clients with the best engineering solutions
• Nurture highly-technical and values-oriented partners, consultants and employees
• Create opportunities to partner with members of the academe, and to support the academe in instruction, research and extension work


The following core values shall guide all our strategies, policies, and decisions:

  • Truth and Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Customer Focus
  • Collegiality and Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Mentoring
  • Social Responsibility