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Seismic Hazard Assessment for the SEPCC Mariveles Power Plant 2

Scope: Seismic Hazard Assessment
Client: Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co. Ltd.
Location: Mariveles, Bataan

Shanghai Electrical Power Construction Co. Ltd. commissioned AMH Philippines, Inc. to conduct a Seismic Hazard Assessment on their proposed Power Plant located in Mariveles, Bataan. Using AMH-developed MathCAD spreadsheets and software like OpenQuake, AMH was able to review the seismic activities that may affect the Power Plant and make the necessary recommendations for the structure. AMH used various attenuation relation models, such as the Fukushima-Tanaka Attenuation Relation and NGA Relation, to recommend the Peak Ground Acceleration and maximum Pseudo-spectral acceleration for the site.

Construction Management of Masinloc Employee Housing Facilities

Scope: Construction Management
Client: AES Philippines
Location: Masinloc, Zambales

AMH Philippines, Inc. handled the construction management of the Employee Housing Facilities of AES Philippines. The Housing Facilities were built to provide AES employees a comfortable standard of living. It is composed of three (3) residential buildings, a building for common facilities, and a multi-function building. It was also designed and constructed with complete site development plan.

The main scope of the proposed construction management services is to oversee and monitor the quality, safety, and timely performance of the construction works of the Employee Housing Facilities. Site engineers and inspectors from AMH were deployed on-site and stayed during the construction of the facilities. AMH complied with the submission of monthly progress reports, attendance in project meetings, and in accomplishment of necessary documents as required by the client.

Architectural and Detailed Engineering Design for Shell Service Stations

Scope: Architectural and Engineering Design
Client: Pilipinas Shell Corporation
Location: Various Sites

Pilipinas Shell Corporation is one of the fastest growing fuel retailers in the Philippines. Service stations are developed to include the clerical facilities of the retail operations and the configuration of the fuel bay.

AMH Philippines, Inc. continues to provide complete architectural and engineering services for various sites. Site layout is provided using user specifications, which include the number of underground tanks, types of products dispensed, number of pumps, clerk’s office, locker room, and sanitary facilities. Upon the approval of the layout, AMH commences the detailed engineering design which includes Structural, Geotechnical, Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitary Engineering Design. In addition, Quantity Survey is also prepared upon the completion of the design.

2 x 150MW Power Plant Raw Water Intake Project

Scope: Hydrological and Hydraulics Study
Client: DMCI Power Corporation
Location: Calaca, Batangas

The coal-fired power plant expansion requires a separate fresh water intake system. The scope of works includes hydrological and hydraulics study to locate the best intake point possible and designing the ancillary structures such as the bank protection, weir, stilling basin, storage pond, pump system and conveyance system.

Sarangani 200MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Jetty Project

Scope: Coastal Study
Client: EEI Corporation
Location: Brgy. Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani

AMH was engaged by EEI Corporation for the conduct of a coastal study related to the detailed design of the Coal Handling Jetty for the new SM200 Power Plant of the Sarangani Electric Corporation. EEI is the civil construction partner of Daelim for the construction of the 105MW plant and its support facilities, and AMH undertook bathymetric survey validation, wave climate assessment/modelling work, tsunami incursion analysis and provided inputs (such as wave heights, directions, wave forces) for the preparation of detailed designs for the pier, trestle and causeway structures.