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Review of the PMC Tailing Storage and Coffer Dam Facilities

Scope: Geotechnical Engineering, Hydrology, and Hydraulics
Client: Philsaga Mining Corporation
Location: Agusan del Sur

Philsaga Mining Corporation (PMC) engaged AMH for the conduct of studies related to its Tailings Storage and Coffer Dam Facilities in Rosario, Agusan del Sur. The earth-dam Tailings Storage Facilities serve as containment for tailings which are part of the by-products of processing gold ore. PMC directed the conduct of due diligence studies and review of existing designs as part of its risk management initiatives. The scope of AMH included geotechnical drilling and laboratory testing, slope (limit equilibrium and finite element) modeling, seismic risk assessment, hydrologic modeling and hydraulic assessment. For this project, AMH used specialized software tools including Slide 6.0® by Rocscience, Plaxis 2D® for finite element modeling and deformation analysis, HEC- HMS by the US Army Corp of Engineers, and Civil 3D® by Autodesk.

Siana Gold Tailings Storage System Project

Scope: Geotechnical Engineering, Hydrology, and Hydraulics
Client: Knight Piesold Pty Ltd.
Location: Brgy. Tubod, Surigao del Norte

Siana Gold is a mining project of Greenstone Resources Corporation located at Surigao Del Norte. The project site currently has four (4) existing tailings storage facilities, three (3) of them were built about 20 years ago while the other one was built during the recent mine redevelopment. On the 2nd quarter of 2013, Siana Gold engaged Knight Piesold Pty Ltd. (KPPL) to oversee stabilization works and subsequently, design new tailings storage facilities. KPPL commissioned AMH to carry out parallel analysis and review for the Interim Tailings Storage System. The assessment and review covers hydrology, hydraulics, geology and geotechnical engineering.