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Engineering Geologic and Geohazard Assessment for Solenad 4

Scope: Geologic and Geohazard Assessment
Client: Makati Development Corporation
Location: Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Makati Development Corporation engaged AMH Philippines, Inc. to conduct an Engineering Geological and Geohazard Assessment for the 11-hectare Solenad 4 property located in Sta. Rosa Laguna. This is part of the Technical Due Diligence Studies with the aim of determining the suitability of the site for the proposed project development in terms of geology and the susceptibility of the project area to possible geologic hazards.

To provide the required output in this project, AMH conducted a comprehensive, multi-hazard assessment which includes seismic hazards (faulting, fault creep, ground motion, settlement, liquefaction, earthquake-induced landslides, tsunami, seiche, sinkhole collapse, induced seismicity), fluvial hazards (inundation, flash flooding, debris flows, siltation, bank erosion and channel mitigation, scouring), mass wasting (landslides, rockfalls, rockslides), volcanic hazards (lava flows, pyroclastic flows, lahars, mud flows, debris flows, ashfall, ballistic projectiles, debris avalanche, volcanic gases, volcanic quakes, rockfalls), subsidence, and coastal hazards. Moreover, AMH incorporated climate change and disaster risk reduction in the study.

Feasibility Study for the Davao City Coastline and Port Development Project

Scope: Geotechnical Assessment, Hydrologic Study, Coastal Engineering
Client: Mega Harbour Port and Development, Inc.
Location: Davao City

Mega Harbour Port and Development, Inc. commissioned AMH Philippines, Inc. to engage in their feasibility studies on the 214.61-hectare reclamation project in Davao City. This multi-phase project consists of two main land masses - a smaller section between Matina River (or Dumalag Point), and the mouth of Davao River, and a larger from the mouth of Davao River to the Agdao District. AMH conducted special studies which will be used for the securing of its ECC from the DENR-EMB, as well as future detailed engineering designs, through geotechnical and geohazard assessment, hydrologic (inland flooding) studies, and coastal modeling and assessment.

Technical Audit and Due Diligence for Sky Building

Scope: Technical Audit
Location: Makati City

AMH Philippines, Inc. conducted a Confirmatory Survey and Technical Audit and Due Diligence for the forty-five story Sky Building in Makati City. The purpose of the engagement is to provide technical observations on the physical condition and maintenance of the property and to identify areas for improvement. AMH identified areas of physical deficiency and deferred maintenance and provided an estimate on the probable cost to address the identified building components for repair or replacement. Considering the eighteen years of existence of Sky Building, the results of the confirmatory survey and technical audit showed an overall good condition of the property.

Site Development of San Francisco Heights and San Francisco Place

Scope: Site Development Detailed Engineering
Client: Stateland, Inc.
Location: Calamba, Laguna

San Francisco Place and San Francisco Heights are adjacent development with a total area of 40.19 has. located about 50kms south of Manila, accessible through the South Expressway, via the Calamba Exit. Stateland Inc. engaged AMH to carry out the detailed civil works design for the site development of the said residential subdivisions located at Brgy. Palo Alto, Calamba, Laguna. The objective of the consultancy services is the preparation of detailed design documents sufficient for the application for development permits and the eventual construction of the project. Specifically, AMH is undertaking analysis and design work for the roads, including road horizontal and vertical alignments; earthworks/leveling, including targeted balanced cut/fill; pavement (recommended cross sections); combined storm drainage and sewer collection, including type of conveyance and discharge points; water system, including supply from the identified well point and distribution system, site fencing, and fire protection (hydrants).

Feasibility Study for the ONRI Port Expansion and Reclamation Project

Scope: Hydrologic Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Geotechnical Assessment
Client: Omnico Natural Resources, Inc.
Location: Ilocos Norte

As input to port planning and the required Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies for the project, Omnico Natural Resources, Inc. requested AMH to conduct various engineering studies for the proposed development of 15ha port expansion and approximately 100 has of reclamation which will be adjacent to the existing ONRI port. The existing facilities have a loading rate capacity of 2,000 metric tons per hour, for which plans were laid to expand the port area and allow more vessels to berth and operate. In this project, AMH was engaged to perform geotechnical investigation, assessment and geohazard assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic studies (flooding and flushing modeling), coastal engineering modeling and analysis. The initial phase, for which engineering planning and designs were prepared, will showcase the use of Blast Oxide Furnace Aggregates (BOFA) for backfilling within the Phase 1 enclosure, which will be bound by sedimentfilled geotextile tubes (geotubes).

Existing Site Utilities Study for North Triangle Lot Pads Property

Scope: Existing Site Utilities Study
Client: Makati Development Corporation
Location: North Avenue, Quezon City

Makati Development Corporation (MDC) engaged AMH to conduct an Existing Site Utilities Study for the proposed 2.3-hectare North Triangle Lot Pads Property within the TriNoma Compound in Quezon City. This project is part of the Technical Due Diligence Studies of MDC which are conducted prior to site development.

In this project, AMH was requested to provide an inventory of the road network, parking spaces within the mall compound, drainage network, water supply system, electrical lines, sewerage systems, and auxiliary or communication systems within the vicinity of the project site. AMH provided utility layouts based on client-issued as-built plans and recommended possible tapping points for future utilities.

Water Supply System Design for AV Hernandez Elementary School

Scope: Water Supply System
Client: Philippine Red Cross
Location: Tondo, Manila

Philippine Red Cross (PRC) intended to improve the water supply system of Amado V. Hernandez Elementary School in Tondo, Manila as part of its joint project with the Netherlands Red Cross called “Reduction of Child Mortality due to Diarrhea”. The goal of this project is to develop a design that shall improve the existing water supply system in the school to guarantee that the water supply will meet the demand requirements, and that there will be sufficient pressure in all of the water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities of the school.

PRC engaged AMH Philippines, Inc. to perform the water supply system modelling for the school and conduct the structural design of the water supply system components. AMH also prepared cost estimates and the detailed engineering design drawings for the said project.

Structural Peer Review of Various Avida and MDC Projects

Scope: Structural Design Peer Review
Client: Avida Land Corporation / Makati Development Corporation
Location: Various Sites

Avida Land Corporation and Makati Development Corporation continuously engage AMH Philippines, Inc. to perform the structural peer review of their various developments all over the Philippines. In every peer review, AMH intends to utilize the review methodology which was developed based on the recommended guidelines on Structural Design Peer Review of Structures by the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP). AMH makes use of updated codes, standards, and references such as the 2015 National Structural Code of the Philippines (NSCP), and the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), among others. AMH utilizes licensed E-TABS Modeling software to conduct full structural analysis based on the documents and drawings provided by the Client.

Lubi Plantation Resort Beach Engineering

Scope: Coastal Engineering
Client: Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation
Location: Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte

After a successful engagement for a Baseline Coastal Study with AMH Philippines, Inc., Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) once again involved AMH for a Beach Engineering project for the Lubi Plantation Resort. Based on the results gathered in the Coastal Study, AMH was requested to come up with the detailed engineering design of one of the groin schemes that was proposed during the previous engagement. AMH was engaged to provide the hydraulic, geotechnical, and structural design of the coastal structure to be constructed onsite. Moreover, AMH conducted an indicative cost estimate and a geotechnical study which focused on the characterization of the subsurface conditions and the allowable bearing capacities of the seabed.

Sicogon Jetty Coastal Engineering Study and Detailed Engineering Design

Scope: Detailed Engineering Design
Client: Sicogon Island Tourism Estate Corporation
Location: Sicogon Island, Carles, Iloilo

Sicogon Island Tourism Estate Corporation engaged AMH Philippines, Inc. to conduct a coastal engineering study and detailed engineering design of a property located in Sicogon Island in Iloilo. In this project, AMH fully defined the requirements of the Client and its plans for the property such as the design boat characteristics. To provide the coastal engineering study results, AMH reviewed primary bathymetric data for the proposed location, determined the wave characteristics through coastal oceanography, identified the wave climate at the study site, and performed storm surge analysis for vertical siting of coastal structures. Moreover, AMH made use of licensed STAAD and spColumn software to provide the structural design of the jetty substructure based on the approved pier layout.

Detailed Engineering Design for Tagaytay Highlands Golf Lake

Scope: Site Grading, Reservoir Routing, and Hydraulic Structures Design
Client: Belle Corporation
Location: Tagaytay Highlands

Belle Corporation engaged the services of AMH to undertake the engineering design of a man‐made lake which they will construct at the 3rd 9‐hole Golf Course, Fairway 9 as part of their continuing development of Tagaytay Midlands into a master planned and integrated community. The 0.9Ha man‐made lake is intended to collect direct precipitation and surface run‐off from the neighboring community of Cotswold to irrigate the golf course. AMH work includes estimation of the irrigation requirements of the golf course and the reservoir volume, preparation of earthwork cross sections, detailed design of hydraulic structures such as normal and emergency overflow and drainage by‐pass during critical storms and provision.

New Sohar Residential Project

Scope: Site Development
Client: Scientific Ink Engineering Consultants
Location: Sohar, Oman

The Supreme Committee for Town Planning of the Sohar Municipality, through Scientific Ink Engineering Consultants (SIEC) is currently undertaking the master planning of residential districts to generate 30,000 plots across several districts, with the plots intended to serve as land compensation or direct award to qualified Omani citizens. AMH was engaged by SIEC to undertake detailed civil works design for District B in order to determine the final gate levels which will be reflected in the krookies (land titles). The design services of AMH consist of generation of site grading, road plans and profiles, pavement sections, hydrologic studies and drainage layouts/details within the 4,000 hectare site.

Structural Design for the DMCI Flair Towers Project

Scope: Detailed Structural Design
Client: DMCI Homes, Inc.
Location: Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

The Flair Towers Condominium is a two-tower, medium density development of DMCI Homes located in Mandaluyong City. The 40-storey project was conceptualized with a modern tropical architecture theme, with construction likewise being undertaken by DMCI. AMH was engaged together with US-based company YAS, to undertake detailed structural engineering analysis, design and preparation of construction drawings. Analysis is being undertaken with the ETABS® software package and drawings with AutoCAD® drafting software.

Structural Design for the BE Aerospace Philippines Manufacturing Facility Project

Scope: Detailed Structural Design
Client: Kajima Design Asia
Location: Sto. Tomas, Batangas City

Kajima Design Asia (KDA) engaged AMH to undertake detailed structural design of the Philippine manufacturing facility of BE Aerospace. Located inside the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP) in Batangas, the concrete and steel‐framed structure covers a floor area of more than one hectare. AMH used STAADPro® software for analysis work in close coordination with KDA and consequently produced drawings for construction use.