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Geotechnical Assessment of Putatan Water Treatment Plant Phase 2

Scope: Geotechnical Assessment
Client: Frey-Fil Corporation
Location: Putatan, Muntinlupa

The Putatan Water Treatment Plant Phase 2 is expected to provide waste water services for over 58,000 households from several barangays in Muntinlupa City. It is designed to treat up to 150 million liters of waste water per day, contributing to the clean-up of Laguna Lake. The proposed plant shall have seven main structures: Biological Aerated Filter, Ultrafiltration/Reverse Osmosis, Biological Aerated Filter, DAF, Control Building, Genset Room and Substation, and Sludge and Chemical Building.

Frey-Fil Corporation, the one responsible for the overall design and build of Putatan STP, will undertake the civil works design of the project. In this engagement, AMH Philippines, Inc. worked on the Geotechnical Engineering Assessment for the proposed water treatment plant whose results were used as input to complete the overall design of the structures.

Rizal Province Water Supply Improvement Project

Scope: Structural Analysis
Client: Sta. Clara International Corporation
Location: Cardona, Rizal

Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWC), the main provider of water and used-water services to more than six million people in the East Zone of Metro Manila, engaged the consortium of Sta. Clara International Corporation and OTV to undertake the improvement of water services in the Rizal Province. To assure the successful implementation of the project, AMH was engaged for the full structural analysis and design of several of the facilities of the water treatment plant, including the Dual Media Filter, Wastewater Storage Tank, Sludge Dewatering Building, Intake Pumping Station, Treated Water Reservoir, and Reverse Osmosis Tank, among others. The facility is expected to treat up to 50 Million Liters per Day (MLD) of potable water, and benefit around 400,000 residents in the municipalities of the Rizal Province.

Planning and Detailed Engineering Design for the MES-MWTS Water Facilities

Scope: Detailed Civil and Structural Design
Client: M.E. Sicat Construction, Inc.
Location: Sta. Rosa, Laguna

M.E. Sicat Construction, Inc. (MES) engaged AMH to provide professional services in relation to their designbuild projects of water and wastewater-related facilities under the auspices of Manila Water Total Solutions. The scope of AMH included the conduct of geotechnical engineering studies of the project sites in in Laguna, including the drilling of boreholes at the necessary depths and the assessment of bearing capacities, modeling of settlement and liquefaction, as applicable. The susceptibility of the soil to different geohazards were also considered and the corresponding recommendations were made. AMH likewise provided detailed engineering designs of reservoirs and pump rooms, effluent tanks and anaerobic baffled reactors for wastewater treatment. Structural modeling was done in STAAD.Pro, using guidelines for liquid containing structures as prescribed in ACI-350.

Pile Testing and Analysis for the ISGEC-CBPI Lobo Lobo Bioethanol Refinery Plant

Scope: Pile Testing Analysis
Client: ISGEC Heavy Equipment, Ltd.
Location: Sitio Lobo Lobo, Magallanes, Cavite

ISGEC Heavy Equipment, Ltd. engaged AMH Philippines, Inc. to conduct pile testing analysis including high-strain dynamic (PDA) pile load tests and low-strain pile integrity tests (PIT) as part of the it’s EPC contract within the 25-hectare bioethanol refinery plant in Sitio Lobo Lobo, Magallanes, Cavite. The pile tests were carried out by AMH, working with Geotechnics Philippines, Inc. (GPI), and industry expert Dr. Jun Buensuceso, undertook measurements for static capacity, assessment of pile integrity, and detection of defects of completed bored piles. Based on the analysis of PDA data using CAPWAP (Case Pile Wave Analysis Programs) modelling and the evaluation of PIT records using formalized categories by Likins and Rausche, AMH provided conclusions on actual pile capacity and quality, and recommendations to maintain quality in the construction work.

Maynilad 100MLD Sewage Treatment Plant Project

Scope: Detailed Civil and Structural Design
Client: M.E. Sicat Construction, Inc.
Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila

MES Construction, Inc. (MES) has partnered with French firm OTV for the design and construction of the 100MLD Sewage Treatment Plant for Pasay City, Metro Manila which is part of the continuing development projects of Maynilad Water Services, Inc. AMH was selected to be the consultant tasked with the preparation of detailed civil/structural designs for implementation of MES, considering configuration of various plant facilities and processes within the site. AMH is also undertaking geotechnical foundation assessment/analysis, site grading and drainage, and architectural/electrical designs for support facilities.