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Engineering Times (Newsletter)

Technical Papers / Presentations

  1. Geohazard Mitigation in the Design of Offshore Structures for a Luxury Island Resort in the Philippines
    Eric Santos
  2. Design Considerations for High Reinforced Soil Structure in Mountainous and Seismically Active Region in Luzon
    Michael Gargullo
  3. Staged Construction Analysis of Sheet Piles of a Bridge Site
    Gian Reyes
  4. State of Practice in the Design of Large Dams in the Philippines
    Gian Reyes
  5. Analysis of Engineering Feasibility of an Open Pier Against Coastal Hazards Along Luzon Island
    Aragorn Inocencio
  6. Preliminary Engineering of a Seawall to Mitigate Typhoon-induced Wave Overtopping along Roxas Boulevard, Manila
    Eric Cruz
  7. Application of LIDAR Data in Combination with Aerial Photography for Geohazard Assessment and Mitigation in Philippine Infrastructures
    Arlene Paulino
  8. Flood Risk Assessment in an Urban Setting using HEC-RAS 2D
    Jonah Malolos
  9. Application of Geotechnical Monitoring (Slope Monitoring and Early Warning System) for Risk Reduction in Philippine Infrastructure
    Roy Anthony Luna / Jenna Pallarca
  10. Plate-Based Analysis and Design of Non- Symmetric Liquid Containing and Frame Structure for Sewerage Treat Plants
    Mary Grace Casuncad
  11. PECO Review Procedure and Structural Analysis for High Rise Mixed-Use Building in Metro Manila
    Victor Serra
  12. Liquefaction Assessment and Mitigation
    Michael Follosco
  13. Retrofit Analysis and Design of a Heritage Structure in Manila
    Rowena Garcia
  14. Coastal Hazard Assessment for Reclamation Planning in  Northern Luzon Island
    Laurice Villaflor
  15. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Capacity Assessment for a Tailings Storage Facility
    Ronalie Pangyarihan
  16. Flood Risk Mitigation by Use of Detention Ponds in Subdivision Development
    Maria Jocelyn Jocson
  17. Design and Construction Considerations for the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX) - SLEX Underpass / Tunnel
    Roy Anthony Luna
  18. Geotechnical and Seismic Design Considerations for Tailings Dam and Water Dam for Mining Projects
    Gian Reyes / Luis Morillo
  19. Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) - Case Study: Batangas Province
    Ulpiano Ignacio / Patrick Selda
  20. Open Space Planning for Rational Land Use at a Municipality in Luzon
    Lawrence Chua

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