Geotechnical Engineering

December 22, 2016 no comments

Geotechnical Engineering and Geohazard Assessment


The Geotechnical Engineering Group takes care of slope stability analysis, detailed slope protection designs, and geotechnical investigations. Our work involves analysis of soil liquefaction and settlement, and an idealization of soil profile which is necessary in defining the geotechnical parameters as input to a variety of engineering design calculations. We also provide geotechnical services during the Technical Due Diligence stage of the project, which is the feasibility assessment prior to the acquisition of a property for future developments.

Our team also provides a comprehensive engineering geological and geohazard assessment to assess possible risks in the project site. The site evaluation results shall serve as input in defining the safest and most cost efficient mitigation measure to be applied on-site. We also provide excavation protection designs prior to the construction stage of a structure. Moreover, we make use of recent technologies to perform geo-resistivity surveys to investigate physical characteristics of the subsurface earth layers using vertical electrical soundings.


  • geotechnical engineering
  • geologic and geohazard assessment
  • seismic hazard assessment