Structural Engineering

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Structural Engineering


The Structural Engineering Group focuses on the full analysis and design of high-rise and low-rise buildings, bridges, piers, and underground structures. In doing our work, we utilize design codes and standards that are acknowledged locally and internationally to ensure safe, economical, and high quality of structures. We also conduct peer review of structures with partner companies to guarantee that all designs are in conformance with the National Structural Code of the Philippines. Furthermore, we provide review services for international clients with Philippine-based projects to ensure that their designs are compliant with Philippine codes and standards. Our group specializes in the structural analysis and design of prominent gas stations in the country, liquid retaining structures, condominiums, amenity core facilities, and bridges, among others.


  • structural assessment
    • vertical structures
    • horizontal structures
    • liquid-containing structures
    • design of retrofitting
  • structural design review