Water-Environmental-Coastal Engineering

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Water, Environmental, and Coastal Engineering


The Water sub-group focuses on the hydrology and flood hazard assessment, which is used as input to ensure developments are not inundated by adjacent rivers. For built-up areas, we also analyze and design underground drainage networks to ensure rainwater is effectively collected and conveyed away from the surface of the development to avoid localized ponding, while minimizing the development’s effects on downstream properties via the use of detention ponds. Collaborating with the Civil Works Group, we also conduct the analysis and design of potable water distribution networks.

Our Environmental sub-group focuses on the environmental analyses and designs of projects. This includes the design of an sewage treatment facilities to meet the DENR effluent requirements, analysis of groundwater contaminant transport, third-party review of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), and conducting rapid environmental assessments of sites.

The Coastal sub-group focuses on the analyses and design of coastal structures and developments. As input to the in-land planning of coastal developments we can provide storm surge and tsunami incursion maps based on historical data. We can also recommend the most viable horizontal location of an unloading pier, along with the required vertical elevation to ensure the structural members are not impinged on by extreme waves during typhoons. Together with the Structural group, we can provide a full analysis and design team for coastal structures. We can also analyze the effects of reclamation on the wave climate and circulation of the area; and, coupled with the Water sub-group, can determine the effects of the reclamation site on the flooding hazards of upstream areas.


  • hydrology and hydraulics
  • coastal engineering study
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) / Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) third party reviews